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Genetic Testing

We offer some of the most sought-after genetic tests on the market. Genetic testing can be the market differentiator for your practice. Inquire with us about all our genetic testing. Some tests we would like to highlight are:

  • Hereditary cancer screening
  • PGX Test
  • Respiratory pathogen panel
  • Gastrointestinal pathogen panel

Molecular Testing

DNA testing and the subsequent mapping and reporting of pathogens and patients can give unparalleled InSite into treatment options. Inquire with us about all our genetic testing. Some tests we would like to highlight are:

  • RPP – Respiratory Pathogen Panel
  • UTI – Urinary Tract Infection
  • COVID – RT-PCR Covid Test – cash $150

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If your patient is on a MAT Program or a physician prescribing Buprenorphine, drug testing is an essential clinical tool for your patient’s care. We offer comprehensive drug testing services to ensure your patients have recently taken their prescribed medication and if non-prescribed or illicit drugs have been used. Toxicology drug testing helps practitioners identify and reduce the diversion of scheduled drugs by their patients.

Data Research

We continuously research and develop our staff and industry knowledge through our research team. Our data-driven analytical research provides insight and advances practitioners’ abilities to treat patient-level health care needs based on data, not assumptions. We work to identify key healthcare trends and share insights in the laboratory testing sector. Ask a sales associate for a report or inquire about a particular concern, and we can compile a custom one for you.

Pain Management

Our toxicology testing program assists pain management practitioners who provide medication management for patients taking opioids for chronic pain. Long-term treatment with opioids can be problematic if there is no proper oversight. We give practitioners the tools for monitoring for potential misuse, diversion, or even addiction.


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