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PGX Pharmacogenetic Drug Metabolism Screen

PGX is a genetic test that predicts a patient’s likelihood to experience an adverse event or not respond to a given drug.

When prescriptions are involved, give your patients extra care. Variations in our DNA’s genetic code affect everything in our systems, from our hair and eye color to how our bodies respond to and metabolize drugs. These distinctive differences mean that patient responses to a specific type of medication and dosage can be starkly different from each other. Some patients can experience adverse drug reactions from mild to extreme complications when taking medications or combinations of medications. Don’t doctor from the old prescribing model on the averages and wait for possible side effects. Have the power to KNOW before you prescribe and possibly put a patient at risk. Protect yourself and your patients.

Cancer Screen and Inherited Conditions Screen

This Inherited Conditions Test detects variations in 157 significant genes contributing to 123 inherited conditions.

Now you as a provider or patient can have a Simple check swab taken and have the power to know what you are at higher risk for. With this valuable knowledge, you can then take the necessary steps to schedule routine screenings for you and your family members. As a provider, you no longer have to conjecture about a patient’s family medical history, and as a patient, you now can have the detailed information every doctor asks for. Is there any medical history in your family of cancer or any other illness? Don’t gamble with the unknown.


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